Ari-Man …..there will never be another….

June 2006 - PSA Trial in Baltimore MD -

The first video is the car jacking scenario and the beginning of the attack on the handler. Ari is pretty whiney when he barks so it's sort of amusing but he's serious with the bite. We lost a few points because of that and also because of the leash tightening as we stopped in front of the vehicle to put the collar on. Points for the civil scenario were 41.5 of 50.

The attack on the handler I think was one of Ari's favorite scenarios. He was ready and knew what what happening. The voice you hear is my daughter Candace who was videotaping and explaining things to 7 year old Miranda. Ari scored 45 of 50 points which is "With Distinction".

This next video is the end of the attack on the handler where he took a cheap shot as I was picking him up and he had outed when the steward said "out your dog" rather then when I told him to out. Also on this video is most of the courage test which he LOVES to do and he does it well! 67 of 70 points and "With Highest Distinction" was the score.

This next video is the very last part of the courage test (note the cheap shot again and the smile on the judge) and us walking to the edge of the field to wait for the critique. I didn't realize until then that there was a group of Schutzhund people watching who all had German Shepherds and they were all cheering for Ari because he was the only GSD! You can hear them in the background when Ari did the long bite.

Here we have Miranda who just loves Ari and would through a ball for him to retreive. Also is the critique by Judge Darryl Ritchie.

And the last one is us going off the field and getting hugged by someone I didn't even know! How cool is that! Successful day! New PSA 1 with an obedience score of 83.5 and a total protection score of 153.5 for a total of 237. This score earned us First Place for the Trial Day in our class.

The rest of the summer we played in the 2's and actually passed the obedience once. Other stories about this adventure will be in future posts.

Then, in February of 2007, I awoke to find Ari in a coma and rushed him to Great Lakes Vet. After numerous tests, Dr. Jeff suspected Addison's Disease which was confirmed with a blood test from the Marshfield Clinic. He did survive but his career was coming to an end. On July 7, 2007, we participated one last time in Bourbonnaise, IL which will be documented in another post.

Now Ari is enjoying retirement chasing any unfortunate critter that happens to come in the yard and patroling the property for anything that might dare to enter his domain!

A Note: Today PSA1 includes a 4th protection scenario which is one of several that are published so the dogs can be trained accordingly.

Ari and Samantha

PSA Trial in Baltimore MD in June 2006 (click photo for trial details)